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Greening up your home

Greening up your home

Posted by Lorella on 25th Feb 2017

Did you know that keeping plants indoors provides you with a healthier, and more oxygenated environment? It also creates a lovely space to be part of. Plants make people happy!

How to introduce indoor plants into your home

Plants can be part of a small or large space, they just require scaling to suit the area. If you have a small space, you don’t necessarily need to have small plants only. Choose one or two vertical growing plants, not ones that are too bushy, and place them in corners or a non-traffic area for visual impact.

Interesting pots can showcase your plants rather than being left in the plain, plastic ho-hum ones. Whether they match in colour or texture, they can brighten up a corner and give it personality. Layering is also effective, either on a plant stand with smaller plants beneath, or in a taller potted plant with a step effect beneath. Try to be consistent with pot colours or styles to add a touch of style, rather than mixing colours and resulting in a mish-mash feel.

Hanging planters are a perfect solution, in particular when floor space may be not available or comes at a premium. Suspended from the ceiling or wall brackets, hanging planters are placed for minimal space disruption. As demonstrated in the image, the porcelain and copper hanging planters are consistent in texture and varied in size for interest. Placed in a living room, kitchen or in the bathroom, the hanging planters are suspended in varying heights, and are usually visually appealing while creating a focal point. Creepers or vines draped growing over the sides are a great decorative effect as well.


A table top planter is another great alternative for the traditional vase housing cut flowers or small plants. Placed on a table, a shelf or window sill, it can be an eye-catching décor piece which is very versatile and easily moved around the home.

Local plant nurseries or farmers’ market sellers, are great sourcing spots for purchasing plants and obtaining advice on what grows best and where. Depending on your home, and the amount of filtered natural light (which in a room will depend on the type of plants are best suited), it’s best to get proper advice on how to green up an indoor space.

Last, but not least, plants need a little love! By checking on them every couple of days, watering when required and caring for them, these shots of greenery will bring a lot of joy to your space. Who knows, you might start calling them your babies soon…

Lorella Pellizzari launched Casetta Living (Italian for ‘Little Home’) in 2016, a boutique homewares and gifts online store that embraces the challenge of creating a beautiful ambience with distinctive pieces that reflect both the innovative design capabilities in Australia, and developing global trends.

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