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Sophia Emmett - Mesh Cocoon Earrings Pierced - Yellow


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Sophia Emmett - Mesh Cocoon Earrings Pierced - Yellow

The ideal match to the Yellow Mesh Bracelet

Handcrafted, thoughtful and considered pieces for you to cherish by one of Australia's leading jewellery designers.  

  • Flexible Light Mesh, sterling silver back
  • Dimensions:  Approx 5cm length x 1.5cm central width
  • Designer: Sophia Emmett  

The Workshop85 mesh jewellery range was created from a need for statement piece jewellery which is dramatic, comfortable and light.
These colourful vibrant pieces are made from the contrasting materials of nylon mesh and hand beaten metal, creating elegant sophisticated forms.
Each piece is proudly designed and made by Sophia Emmett in her own workshop in Newcastle Australia.

The principles of Workshop85 are proportion, simplicity and beauty originality in material use and finding beauty in surprising places.

Lorella Pellizzari in Bentleigh, VIC, AU on Houzz