Hoopla Vase - Single 250ml Round Flask - medium

Stix & Flora

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Hoopla Vase with single 250ml Round Flask - Wall Hanging - medium

Dimensions:  H:22.5cm W:22.5cm D:13cm,  Weight 0.45kg 

Comes with 32cm Leather strap (attached) for hanging


A beautifully handcrafted wall vase by the lovely duo at Stix and Flora, the Hoopla Vase is simple as it is stunning in its raw state!

Round in shape and unique in design, the Hoopla Vase dresses the walls of any room with it's laboratory flask ready to display all that is botanical!

Each vase has a 32cm Leather Strap with a brass D for hanging purposes

Add a bunch of blooms for that pop of colour and style!

Available in three sizes