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How to manage the "little things" to focus on the big things

How to manage the "little things" to focus on the big things

Posted by Lorella and Louis on 22nd Nov 2016

As the Apple and Googles of the world continue to create new ways to increase the speed of communication and improve efficiency in our lives, we in turn are having to manage new devices such as mobile devices, charger cables, spare chargers, ear phones and new forms of car keys.

These are all important little things that we use daily if not every minute of the day. As a result we are now challenged with preventing these new tools from becoming more of a hindrance than a help.

Don’t you just hate having to untangle the charger cable or the earphone cable !?


To meet this challenge, we are increasingly relying on a host of functional “useful gadgets” that enable us to take advantage of the new devices and services and keep things under control.

Stephen Covey in his book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, suggests that we need to focus more on "Quadrant 2" the Important & Non-urgent things in our lives to reduce stress and improve effectiveness. Having to manage items that are meant to make life easier rather than harder only adds to stress and inefficiency.

While seeking solutions to this problem we came across Orbitkey. This Australian Based start-up has dedicated itself to helping us stay focused on the Important & Non-urgent items.

Orbitkey initially utilised crowd funding to develop a nifty idea which takes the stress out of managing the important little item of Keys. Further, Orbit Key has given birth to Hello MACO and Sparkstone with the same theme of developing “useful gadgets” to take the stress out of managing Cables and Chargers.

We at Casetta Living fell in love with the idea of helping people to manage this new digital world. We are now able to provide customers with Sparkstone Chargers, The MACO One Cable and MACO – Magnetic Cable Organisers.  We are aiming to increase the range over the coming months. 

We have made the use of these products to help us manage our own digital lives, and we are thrilled with the functionality. I hope you discover how these useful gadgets can help you too.

Lorella Pellizzari in Bentleigh, VIC, AU on Houzz